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About Us

We are a hyper-local delivery service which is solely focused on stationery goods. We aim to deliver the goods through our services to our potential customers in a way of doorstep delivery.

  We have a motive of helping people to reach out for their stationery goods(especially the educational sector and the corporate people), so that they can have the proper goods according to their needs at a fixed delivery price of Rs 29 per delivery, at a maximum time of 2 hours, in the working hours from 8 am to 10 pm.

  The buyers can also reach out to our website for ordering their desired goods and as well as grab some amazing offers and deals through it, such as some goods available at lower price than the market price.

  We have tied-up to the most of the popular shops of the city Jabalpur, if the customer demands products from a specific shop itself.

  We also offer some special services to our customers, of covering up of books and notebooks as per their needs and completion of the assignments taking into consideration their demands and creative expectations.

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